Value Planning & Creation Services

Your company is likely your greatest asset.  For years you have been building it to where it is now.  You feel you know its worth, that it has a stable value you can count on for retirement or future endeavors.

But are you sure and, more importantly, can you increase that value?

We all know how a business can lose value—economic downturns, stock market climate, industry-specific developments or just plain flat-out mismanagement. These are all things we consider and try to avoid.

But what about a business increasing its value? What about taking actions today that greatly magnify the worth of the company when it comes time to transition out of it? Are we doing all we can? Have we looked at what can be done?

Of course we know that the way to build a business is years of hard work, building client relationships, setting up production facilities and field distributors. This can take decades; a business isn’t necessarily built overnight.

But what if there were actions you could take right now that would increase your existing company’s value? What if you could go down a checklist and analyze each of the different aspects of your company in order to determine what will increase the value at transition time and what will inhibit it?

You can.