Financial Reporting & Tax Valuations

BVC is a company you can trust. Accountants, attorneys and private equity fund managers refer their valuation requirements to us because we have unequaled boots-on-the-ground experience. We get the job done painlessly, and objectively, regardless of how complex or troubling the situation may appear.

Particularly in the tech world, intangible asset value is a critical component of most companies’ balance sheets and, in many cases, represents its most highly valued asset class. When one company acquires another, there is a need to make a purchase price allocation, which establishes the values of each specific asset comprising the total purchase price. Oftentimes, a major part of this process is the valuation of the company’s intangible assets. This process must be handled properly and requires expert industry and technical valuation knowledge.

When it comes to financial reporting, it needs to be flawlessly accomplished by experts with the proper credentials and past experience, to be authoritative. You just can’t scrimp on something that makes the difference between winning and losing lawsuits, avoiding fines or defending against potential accusations of corporate malfeasance.

Having re-written the guidelines for business valuation procedures now used by the SBA, BVC is the recognized authority in the valuation industry with an opinion reporting capability that holds up under the most intense audit and regulatory scrutiny – first time, every time.