Capital Funding

BVC Equity Advisors has vast experience in helping emerging growth and mid-sized companies raise private capital to meet their strategic goals.

We provide advisory services towards customized financing solutions in order to access growth capital, shareholder liquidity, acquisition financing, equity recapitalizations, and debt refinancing.

We recognize that private equity funds have their own particular needs. Due to their unique operating climate they often require a different level of technical expertise and vitality of service.

We are entirely comfortable operating in the private equity world and have extensive experience with its unique requirements.

We are the trusted, objective arbiter of fair value in what is often an adversarial environment: valuation guideline compliance, IRS issues, SEC financial reporting, purchase price allocations, merger and acquisition pricing, or disputes between shareholders.

Our specialized experience in this arena over many years has enabled us to become a recognized authority on the valuation standards used by the venture capital and private equity industry.

All securities transactions are cleared through our Strategic Partner’s (Tellson Holdings) licensed broker-dealer and sister company, Tellson Securities, Inc., a member of FINRA and SIPC.